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Prints of Original Art

We will gladly make you a numbered art museum quality print in your favorite size. We print only 10 of each Fine Art Work and each print comes with a Certificate / Label of Authenticity.


Please contact us for Details and Fees for Matting, Framing and Shipping.

   Size                                         Cost

5 x 7                                        $ 15.00

8 x 10                                      $ 25.00

11 x 14                                    $ 35.00

16 x 20                                    $ 50.00

20 x 24                                    $ 65.00

24 x 30                                    $ 100.00

30 x 40                                    $ 125.00

40 x 60                                    $ 185.00

A mountain river in dry season flows from our vantage point, meandering right and toward the horizon where it disappears behind the forest the hugs both sides of its banks. in the distance we see a partially fogged in mountain range of cool purples against a blue sky. The forest is in full summer bloom and on the bank on the right we see a birch tree poking out from among the evergreens and hardwoods. On the left in the fore ground rising up and disappearing off the top of the canvas is a mighty pine. Rocks can be seen poking out of the river as the summer heat lowers the height of the river water.

"The Pemi"

Original was 3' x 5'
Oil on Canvas

This roughly done study for a future painting shows the blue shades of the backside of a bluebird, done in soft chalk pastels, sitting on the edge of a turquoise cool blue round metal birdbath, done in crayon pastels, filled with rippled water that distorts the red tummy image, done in water soluble oil pastels, of a bird unseen sitting on the far side of the bath. We only see the right side of the bath. The background is blurred with splashes of greens and yellows of the nearby summer garden.

“Bluebird At Birdbath Study”

Original was 11” x 15”
Mixed Oil and Chalk Pastels on Watercolor Paper

A large weathered brown toned barn stained by years of rain and ice dripping down from the roof streaking the sides in a haunting attire is center staged. It has many windows added to it as it has been rehabbed into a B&B. Each window is filled with shadows that add to the chill. The barn continues to the left with an attached silo and ell in the same weather-stained siding and a large carriage opening is filled with shadows raising the hair on the back of one’s neck. Surrounding the barn is a forest on a bright sunny day in clear juxtaposition to the eeriness of the barn. Rustic fencing, light posts and mailbox are seen in the foreground along a paved driveway.

“Eerily The Past”

Original was 20” x 40”
Acrylic on Canvas Board

Top left is a buttery yellow sunroom of white trimmed multi-paned windows, attached to a clapboard home of the same yellow color, we can barely see a portion of, and sits upon a grey stone wall raising it up from our view point. To the right of the house in the background lies a lawn surrounded by forest in mid-August on a bright sunny day. All this is background to the subject of the painting, an old wooden rickety and slightly leaning staircase, that comes down from the steps out the side door of the sun room, diagonally across the canvas, all the way off the tiered stone walls, to a shed in the lower right of the painting. The plywood sided shed is painted the color of the house with a brown trim added. A rain barrel sits in front of the shed to the left of its door, and we see a shadow filled window on the side of it. At the base of the stairs, on the left, the lower garden in front of the rock wall, is overgrown and needs tending to the point of blocking our view of the rock wall on that side of the canvas.

“Garden Stairs”

Original was “20 x 40”
Acrylic on Canvas Board

A white lime stone rotunda with domed roof of graceful twisting black wrought iron supported by white pillars of lime stone housing a white marble sculpture of the Greek Goddess of Summer; her facial features shadowed from view, her posture seated and leaning forward as if to touch the lawn and endow it with summer color.  Her graceful form accentuated by the toga that swirls about her ending in a pool of fabric at her feet. The rotunda sits in a garden surrounded by deciduous trees in full foliage. In front of the rotunda sits a rock wall in a serpentine curve topped by lush greenery. The foreground is a grassy lawn.

“God Of Summer in The Garden”

Original was 11” x 14”
Acrylic on Canvas

The aging brown interior of a farm house addition used for storage, off the home that was once the subject matter of many an Andrew Wyeth painting. There is a small room with an open door in the back left corner, into which we see peeling paint, and a staircase comes down from the back right corner to end at a window in the wall before the room. So much yellow white light comes in through the window we can not see out it. The floor is unfinished wood that has aged and is stained in places. A wooden support beam sits dead center of the room, stained from years of things brushing up against it, and a partition made of wooded dowels rests against it blocking a bit of the view of under the stairs where sits many wooden frames and objects in storage in the shadowy darkness. A black rectangular deep soap stone tub rests on the floor just behind the partition.

“Interior of Olson Farmhouse Addition”

Original was 20” x 40”
Acrylic on Canvas Board

A grey stone furnace once used for smelting iron ore sits on the hilly bank of a shallow creek in the foreground. Behind the furnace are tiered lawns supported by rock walls with a home barely seen at the top. A stone staircase descends on the left side of the painting bringing your eye down to the furnace.

“Iron Furnace”

Original was 11” x 14”
Acrylic on Canvas

An Old Wooden Orchard Ladder of dark brown leans alone and serene against a fruit tree in a small orchard upon manicured lawn and surrounded by a forest of Trees in mid-August greenery.  In sharp contrast to this newness of season, sits in the foreground, two cedar shake sided brown sheds showing their weathered age, and topped with cedar shake grey rooves of similar age. They are surrounded by a greying frail picket fence just as old whose picket’s height rise and lower to form a wave upon the top of the fence line. The pickets at each post are topped instead of by the standard picket point, by a flame shape. Within the yard with the sheds are thin bushes decked in white little delicate blossoms.

“Ladder in The Orchard”

Original was 11” x 14”
Acrylic on Canvas

A small blue green pond filling with emerging lily pads, surrounded in brown shadowy brick, lies in an even deeper pond of dark shades of green reflections of a forest, edged in ornamental grasses with tall purple Monkshood in full summer bloom that takes up the foreground and shoots up the center of the painting. In the background is a white railed wooded pedestrian bridge that spans from edge to edge of the canvas and is reflected in the sunlit white waters of yet another pond the others sit in, separated as well by brown shadowy brick. This tiered pond in a pond, in a pond effect creating a reflective serenity of water to be broken by the shocking purples of the monkshood.

“Serenity Pond”

Original was 20” x 40”
Acrylic on Canvas Board

A bright warm orange sunset over a cool green tree line of evergreen and deciduous trees in spring on the edge of a grassy meadow as seen from a car’s side view mirror; as we see in the right side of the painting, what can be seen of the side of the car in the mirror’s reflection. The paint color of the car unidentifiable as the sunset’s orange glow reflects across it, and the windows fill with reflection of tree branches filling with budding spring leaves in shadow form black against the orange glow. Curving tracks the path of the car made through the field of ankle high meadow lie in the foreground. The entire painting is painted on an unframed block style canvas with the edges blackened out to imitate the rim of the mirror. A white dry brushed haze of reflections wraps in parts around the subject to give that mirror appearance.

“Sometimes It Pays to Look Back”

Original was 12” x 12”
Mixed Media Oil and Acrylic on Canvas

In a snowstorm where we cannot make out what is in the back ground we see the clear image of a bluebird with wings open high above its head and body coming towards us as it lands on a snow-covered delicate branch. We can see the tiny thin legs sticking out of the snow where his clawed feet are touching the branch. The bright red-orange of its belly and the grey feathers of the underside of the left wing are in sharp contrast to the bright shades of blue that give the bird its name on the top of its right wing. The warm tones of this mighty little bird against the cold winter background evokes the strength and determination of this small creature as it survives in the elements.

“The Bluebird Lands”

3rd Place Winner of the NAAA Greeley Park Art Show in Acrylics
Original was 16” x 20”
Acrylic on Canvas

A brown sparrow with his white speckled tummy facing and his wings spread wide from edge to edge of the painting fills the canvas as he tries to take off from the brown soil where he has been feeding. Behind we see the bright blue sky he heads for. The image shows the power behind his little wings as they become mighty in scale on the canvas as he tries to lift himself off the ground. We see that already one foot is retracted up into his downy feathered underbelly, as just the tips of his clawed left foot still touch the ground.

“The Sparrow Alights”

Original was 20” x 40”
Acrylic on Canvas Board

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